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Recommended by Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, on Good Morning America Now.

"Wearing ID can be a lifesaver!"...

Whether you are a lost child at the mall, experiencing a medical emergency, or have been involved in an accident, ensuring you can quickly communicate with those around you is essential! Carrying ID can provide this voice when you are unable to communicate for yourself and ensure help is quickly given by those who have come to your aid. You Never Know When You'll Need It - Be Prepared... Carry ID!

Vital ID has developed many identification solutions to communicate your emergency contact and medical information when you can't.

MEDICAL VITAL ID WRISTBANDS - suitable for small children, teenagers and adults. These are waterproof, comfortable, adjustable and secure.

KID'S SAFETY ID WRISTBANDS - offers peace of mind for both parents and children at busy malls, or any place where there is a crowd.

SPORT ID PRODUCTS -designed for the specific ID needs of runners, cyclist, and anyone who exercises. These allow you to easily carry your identification no matter what your chosen sport. Featuring 3M Scotchlite reflective material these products ensure your safety in low-light conditions.

PET ID TAGS FOR DOGS - Protect your furry family members too. The Designer Pet ID Inside is a unique, reflective pet ID tag that easily fits onto your dog's collar. It is great alternative to traditional metal pet ID tags.

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Information ID card is hidden out of sight within the Kid's Safety ID Wristband

Comfortable and fully adjustable for size

100% waterproof - OK to use in the swimming pool or ocean

Easy to update - extra ID card included

Our Kid's Safety ID wristband is available in a wide range of attractive colors & designs.

Our Kid's Safety ID wristband fits children ages 3-9 years (5 - 6 inch wrist circumference)

100% Latex Free

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Our Kid's Safety ID wristband is specifically designed to offer a solution to parents looking for an effective child safety product to keep their children safe.

By providing your child with the Safety ID Wristband, your child will have your emergency contact details with them at all times. Kept securely inside the wristband, the information stored by the Kid's Safety ID wristband is kept discreetly out of sight. The contact information can only been seen when the band is removed, if your child is lost or separated from you.

Our Kid's Safety ID wristband is unique as it can be easily updated should you need to change the contact details stored. The ID bracelet is very comfortable to wear, 100% waterproof and durable to ensure long-term use.

Perfect for use on a visit to your local mall, on vacation passing through busy airports or on crowded beaches, the Kid's Safety ID wristband can be used to give peace of mind to both you and your child. Our Kid's Safety ID wristband is perfect when your child is invited to play-dates with friends. Instead of having to leave your contact details on a scrap of paper, you can let the host parent know that your child is wearing the ID bracelet and all the details they need to contact you in an emergency are contained inside.

A word from Sonya of Vital ID: Thank you for your interest in Vital ID safety products. I am the mom of 2 boys under the age of 4. I understand the importance of keeping our children and families safe. I want to help everyone get the peace of mind that wearing a Vital ID safety identification product can provide.

I have been a fitness professional for 18 years and have seen firsthand what happens when someone has a medical emergency in the gym and no one knows what the person's name is or who should be contacted. I believe Vital IDs are truly lifesaving products and I feel good knowing my children are wearing them. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Sonya Mattey
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