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RJ Cooper Assoc.

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RJ Cooper & Assoc.
27601 Forbes Rd. Suite 39
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

1-800-RJCooper (800-752-6673) or
Laguna Niguel, CA xxx
800-752-6673 or dial direct 949-582-2572
Employee Base: 4
Year Established: 1984

RJ Cooper & Assoc.: Special Needs Software, Hardware, & Gadgets

One of the very first Assistive Technology (AT) creators, I have been *personally* creating products since 1984! I make something for everyone! From 'early' instructional software (cause/effect), through switch practice, early letter/number usage, through literacy, my stuff is *really* good!

Then there is the *access* side of things, the hardware, with products like BigKeys with my personal touch (colored rows), adapted joysticks, trackballs, and a *bunch* of other computer hardware adpatations.

Finally, there are the 'gadgets'. Things like switch-adapted MP3 players, iPod remotes, and many others.

At my website, there are downloadable trial versions of *all* my software, prices and descriptions of everything.

Even a place for you to enter your name/address and get my free trial CD/Catalog.

I *thrive*, and am known for, listening to *your* requests and suggestions.

I'll even do a free workshop at *your* facility (school, agency, etc.)!
Talk to you soon! RJ :)

Augmentive Communcation Devices, Software Learning/Training, Software for the Visually Impaired, Software and Hardware to Access the Computer, Positioning, I Pad stuff, Gadgets, and Services and more!

About RJ
During my 3 years of Electrical Engineering (w/digital emphasis) at the University of Utah, I started working with special students at local schools in and around Salt Lake City. I realized that not many R & D people were working with materials for persons with severe disabilities. I began researching, and eventually developing materials that responded to requests of spec. ed. teachers, speech/language pathologists, and professionals that I began networking with around the world. I moved to CA in 1986 and finished my B.A. in Developmental Psychology, while continuing my research, this time at RH Dana Exceptional Needs Facility in Dana Point. At the same time, I began writing my column for the internationally recognized publication, Closing The Gap. I started, and continue, to make materials that are requested by others, many that know more about needs than myself. I research & develop these materials in actual settings, with actual people, for professionals and parents that have shown a belief in my work. Trying to respond to your requests and keeping pace with ever-developing technology have proven to be my greatest challenges.

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