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Our Mission

LifePROTEKT is dedicated to providing care givers, individuals and organizations with the most superior, innovative personal location based GPS technologies available while providing a network of support for those who care for special needs individuals. We want to give back to those communities who rely on our technology to assist them in safeguarding their loved ones!

Autism Community

Our management team has a long history of involvement with the autism community as we have worked with various autism organizations for more than a decade. We are dedicated to educating others, as 1 out of every 91 children born today is born on the autism spectrum. We believe it is paramount to draw attention to this epidemic, which is growing in mass proportion.

We want to provide an arena where each personal story can be heard. We offer a platform for exchanging opinions and insights. Together we can build a community that can make great strides and give a voice to those families who are victims of autism. It is LifePROTEKT's intention to contribute financially to education and research efforts as we to present information and solutions that can give these families a better sense of security and can be used as another tool to help keep their loved ones safe.

LifePROTEKT is dedicated to bringing the financial backing and support of the various communities we represent. We are passionate about our commitment to the autism community. We will strive to promote better understanding of this challenging disability and aid in finding the cure.
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