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Adaptations by Adrian
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About Our Adaptive Clothing:

Our adaptive clothing features back-openings with hook and loop closures, side zippers and wide band elastic waists for easy dressing, fashion and comfort. 12 years ago, we began solving dressing problems for Adrian, who has CP. Now, we are sharing our adaptive clothing solutions with you with our moderately priced adaptive sportswear to make dressing and hygiene easier! Our adaptive clothing is customized for wheelchairs and/or motor deficits including wheelchair jeans, wheelchair capes, and wheelchair accessories. We often make custom adapted clothes for people with unique disabilities requiring special clothing. We offer wide variety of special needs clothing including fashionable adult bibs and clothing protectors, back-opening wheelchair shirts and wheelchair jackets, hook and loop closures on wheelchair pants and lounge-wear, wheelchair capes and accessories, as well as specialized foot wear and winter wear. If you notice a drooling problem because of rigidity with Parkinson's, try our absorbent scarves! If you notice that buttons are difficult to handle because of Multiple Sclerosis, try our hook & loop open shirts! For someone with a spinal cord injury, our back open jacket helps caregivers avoid dragging the jacket across the person's back. If your hands are weak because of muscular dystrophy, ask us to make the velcro tabs on our pant fly smaller. Pants with full side zippers are particularly good for people with paralysis, muscular dystrophy, or ALS. If a brain injury or stroke makes your body unresponsive, our side zipper pants slide themselves up the legs. If you spill liquids while eating because of muscle rigidity or tremor associated with cerebral palsy, our EZ Topp will guarantee that your shirt will stay clean.

Our adaptive clothing is easy to wear, functional and highly fashionable. Read testimonials from our highly satisfied customers:

"A little more than five years ago, I purchased a *very* bright wheelchair rain cape, size "C", from you good people. I have worn it in good times and bad; it has kept me safe and dry in some of the worst weather we've ever had; it has been admired by many strangers; and I've run over it so many times it's beginning to leak in a lot of places." JK

"Thank you Thank you Thank You! This is to thank you for reducing my stress levels and I hardly ever get to say that. Our daughter is severely disabled and we have an endless list of challenges to face as a family. Although I have known about your company for quite some time, I always found other issues to deal with and could always find an excuse. But what a huge difference it has made to all of us having easy to wear, colorful and highly functional clothing for our girl. We love your stuff and here in Canada, Katie's winter cape is the talk of her bus, her class, the hockey rink and our neighborhood. It literally meant more outings for her and thus me and more compliments about her looks than we ever get. Look for many more orders from us. I wish I indulged in such a great resource earlier. Whoever had the courage to start this business and to those who work here, you are helping us feel "normal"and we never get to feel normal. We'll send photos are our "fashion diva" as we call her now." TH

Why Adaptive Clothing?

Each disAbility- whether muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, stroke, post polio, brain or spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinsons, or any of the various conditions- has different effects on the individual. The greater the mark left by the condition, the greater the need for adaptive clothing.

Adrian, for example, is affected in every muscle group. He never stands, and has tight , bent arms and legs, making dressing a chore. Side pant zippers, stretch denim, back open shirts, and our stretchy Comfy boot are necessary parts of his wardrobe. Regular pants are roughly equal from the waist back to crotch and waist top front to crotch, front to back. When one sits, the back rides down. Pull the back up, and you're pinched in front. Sitter pants are higher in the back so that the pant is level when seated, not lower in back. As people tend to gain weight around the middle when seated all day, the higher back makes the pant more comfortable. Stretchy fabrics like stretch twill and knit also make constant sitting more comfortable. Side zippers make the front flop for cathing. Regular pants have a 5" section from the crotch seam to the start of the fly. This section makes using a urinal very difficult. It pops up as one tries to press it level. Our pants have a fly that opens down to the crotch seam to prevent the urinal from popping up. It has squares of velcro-like grippers, which allow the natural fabric folds when one is seated. There is no noise of a long, stiff strip of grippers opening up, Rrrrrip! Nor does one have to lean way back to pull a zipper taut, or risk getting its teeth caught. One slight slap closes our fly. It stays closed and does not wear out. Some of Adrian's pants are 7 or 8 years old. Even though the velcro gets linty, it never comes open. If you do not need a center front opening, another option is side zippers. Adrian lies on the back of the pant, and we zip up. Wheelchairs with molded seats, harnesses, and side supports are very difficult to wear a regular jacket with. Our jacket is stretchy and easy to slide up the arms. The person then sits back, and it closes itself in back with the velcro- like tabs. The jacket is cut shorter in the torso for the seated position.

Adrian never arrives anywhere wet because he has a variety of waterproof capes designed for his chair to keep his legs, chair, and body dry. Being dry is very important when disAbility creates a health risk of its own.

When foot problems occur, the search for comfortable shoes becomes a crusade, and an expensive one at that. When Adrian's feet are tender or swollen, he wears our Comfy Boot, which stretches over the swollen areas, absorbs moisture, and traps body heat

Even a person with minimal disAbility enjoys adaptations to clothing, such as a knit back to shirts and velcro like grippers instead of buttons. If you can't raise your arms post surgery, our knit, back open shirt is much easier than a series of buttons. After an accident, or a sudden disabling condition, it is so much easier to place an order on the internet and have clothes come to you in your size and preferred color than searching the mall for something pricier that might be a little easier to get on, and might be a disappointment, because it is not specially designed. Even those with only aging bones appreciate not having to walk the mall, and take the risk of another trip to return the clothing. So the need for adaptive clothing may run from making dressing more convenient, to making it possible without assistance or pain.
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