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I need help. Communication Bracelets

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Our Mission: To assist in communication for those with special needs, medical conditions, or diet restrictions.

I need help. Communication Bracelets are used across the world in learning environments by students and staff and also the health industry by Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language clinics, Hospitals, medical patients, group, nursing, assistive living homes and families. Bracelets are also used by deaf citizens, people who travel, assistive technology companies, and Women of Today organizations. The bracelets have been featured in Womensinc Magazine, the website: AUTISMINFO.COM, Advance Health Care Magazine, and continue to be supported by Autism Society of America Chapters.

Bracelets are visual aids that say I need help. on one side and on the reverse side they have universal icons or words to express their needs, diet restrictions, or medical conditions. Because the bracelets are worn and accessible they become an efficient, easy and understandable way to communicate. They come in youth and adult sizes. Bracelets, lead and latex free, make great fidgets. All bracelets have embossing on the inside to provide sensory needs, they may be rubbed, twisted and bitten.

They are very popular in health industries, learning environments and with families worldwide!

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