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Baby Kneez
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Year Established: 2008

Baby Kneez: Help protect your little one’s knees with Baby Kneez!

For any child, but especially for children who crawl for a longer period of time, have trouble walking, or experience discomfort at the back of their knees from the use of wheelchairs.

Our mission has grown into providing knee protection for all children including a larger size (coming soon) to accommodate "bigger little knees" and we take pleasure in donating Baby Kneez™ to causes, such as special needs camps, and associations.

• Your tots will be able to run or brave all kinds of obstacles using their knees.

• They are great for the equipment at the park, play places and splash pads.

• Kids love them for "scootering", biking, skating, light activities that can cause them to fall.

• On the hottest summer day, your baby can actually wear shorts and little dresses again.

• Baby Kneez are very durable and can be handed down to new little ones.

• These are intended for indoor and outdoor use, for every season, for all occasions!

Baby Kneez™ are made of a blend of soft Cotton and other materials. They stretch like a tube sock and the gentle elastic holds them in place all day with little adjustment needed.

Baby Kneez™ is padded at the front, with only thin material at the back of the leg for comfort, without bunching. This material is breathable, absorbent, soft and comfortable. It is designed for children ages 0-4 years. Making
Baby Kneez™ out of soft material instead of neoprene or other materials was the key to making this a truly unique product.

We have taken all of the important factors that parents consider in knee protection for their children:

They have to look good, be comfortable, durable, protective, not too bulky, can\'t interfere with crawling and toddling, inexpensive, washable, made for bare legs, concealable, safe and hard to pull off. Most of all, they have to stay in place!
Want to know what they feel like on baby? Go ahead and try them on your elbows or legs. If you approve, then you know your baby will too!

Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry on low setting, or hang to dry. Bleach is not recommended, unless you want to whiten the natural cotton colour of the material.
Content: Combed cotton 64.4%, Acrylic 20.1% ,Elastic 8.5% ,Nylon 7.0%

How to wear them:
The thicker end of Baby Kneez is a little tighter then the other end, so that you can choose the size that suits your little one best. Slide them over the knee to the lower thigh, making sure the material lays flat against the skin. The elastic cuff at the top of the knee protection should be high enough that it doesn\'t interfere with the natural bending motion.

About Us
Hot and humid summer days, and a new little girl that loved walking, running, and crawling on pavement, all sweaty from wearing pants... that was a good motivator for me to start making Baby Kneez™.

There were too many instances when knee protection made sense. While it may be true that baby\'s knees are made for crawling, bare skin and rough surfaces do not go together! As I went on to have two more little girls, the knee issues were a daily occurrence. Tending to their scrapes and bruises forced me to see that the world could be a "rough" place on a different level, especially for them.

It seems that the gap in the market extends also to children with special needs. We have been blessed with wonderful parents who have approached us about their children who crawl for a longer period of time, have trouble walking, or experience discomfort at the back of their knees from the use of wheelchairs.

Every pair of Baby Kneez™ is made with care and we hope you enjoy them for your little one, as much as we have enjoyed them for our children!

Company & Product Name: Baby Kneez™
Founder: Celine Caron & family

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