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Learn ‘N’ Turn: Adjustable Training Spoon

Mealtime made easier.

As much as they want to take control and feed themselves, very young children have difficulty using spoons and forks because the bones and muscles in their hands and wrists are still developing. Which means they aren’t able to easily rotate and manipulate conventional utensils. Add to this the challenges created by special needs and disabilities and mealtime can become very frustrating.

The Learn ‘N’ Turn can help change that.

The most versatile and economical toddler utensil you can buy

Because both the spoon and fork attachments come with the “Learn’N’Turn”, it’s like getting two utensils in one. And because the attachments can rotate in either direction, it is perfect for left or right-handed children. With the ability of the “Learn and Turn Utensil” to convert into a conventional spoon or fork, it eliminates the need to repurchase new utensils as your child grows and develops.

Innovative design ‘grows up’ with your baby
The Learn ‘N’ Turn utensil’s patent pending design allows you to adjust the angle of the spoon to help babies and toddlers feed themselves easily.

The spoon or fork attachment can rotate to various positions, creating the proper angle so food can be easily placed into his or her mouth . As your child’s wrists and hands develop, and their dexterity improves, you can adjust the angle of the spoon or fork accordingly.
Eventually, your child will be eating with the “Learn’N’Turn” in the straight position, just like a conventional spoon.

Award Winning Design
The “Learn’N’Turn” is a proud recipient of the Parent Tested Parent Approved award, an organization that provides an objective appraisal of new products designed to enrich family living.

Made from F.D.A. approved and B.P.A. free plastic.
Dishwasher-safe (top rack only)

About the Inventor:
“My name is Mike Canapini, and I am the inventor of the “Learn and Turn Utensil”, and “Comfy Clip”. Formerly I was a director of a tooling division for a tier one automotive part supplier for over 10 years. Recently however, I became a stay at home dad and my priorities changed in an instant. I realized just how difficult it was to care for children full time. It seemed that the every day tasks of taking care of 2 preschoolers made the days long, and the years short. With little sleep, and little free time, I decided (with much help from my wife) to start a new company that provided safe and innovative designed products, that can help save time and make child raising a little easier. We have many new products in design and coming soon, but I hope you take advantage the “Comfy Clip”, and the “Learn and Turn Utensil” that we currently have on the market.

Be sure to look at The Comfy Clip as well. The Comfy Clip can attach to a sleeve or bib, making it a great accessory to the “Learn’N’Turn”, or as a great baby gift on its own. To learn more about this safer, more comfortable soother clip, designed with no steel clips or sharp edges.

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