Flower Essences: Immune System Support



Flower Essence formula by Amy Zilka, M.A.,C.H.

This formula boosts your immunity on all levels. It keeps you healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and prevents you from getting sick when you are overstressed, exhausted, moody, and just feeling overwhelmed. This formula picks you up and literally allows you to feel better all while allowing you to see things from a detached but loving perspective.

This is a larger bottle of Essence than usually found. Each bottle is 2 oz

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a form of Vibrational Energy Medicine. They are an organic tasteless, smell-less and colorless liquid, taken orally in dropper form underneath the tongue or in a glass of water. They are made from organic “potentized” plant preparations that convey a distinct imprint, and etheric pattern that works with the life force within each one of us for our own spiritual, psychological growth and healing. We are all made up of energy. They work on the subtle energy fields of our body, mind and spirit by working at the different wavelengths, frequencies and auras of our core (unconscious and subconscious) being. Flower Essences are very similar to Homeopathy. The difference is that Flower Essences work more on the mental/emotional/spiritual planes of our being, where Homeopathy works more on the mental/emotional/spiritual planes of our being. They have subtle properties that work and heal from the unconscious & subconscious mind.

Flower Essences bring the “awareness” into the conscious mind so that the healing, cleansing, and clearing out of the old/negative/stuck energy patterns that you carry in your body, mind and souls “Cell Memory’s-DNA” can be performed. These flower essences also protect you from environmental, emotional and mental stresses. They do not have any drug interactions as they work from a different plane called ‘energy’ so you can never overdose on them.

Flower Essences have psychological/vibrational properties that work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes/auras of the mind/body. These Essences are very fast acting and help alleviate symptoms, problems, or issues that have been long standing or just for everyday problems. Flower Essences help keep you in balance, which allows you to function better on a daily basis. It is like having your very own “personalized support system” 24 hours a day!

Flower Essences can be made individually for each person and are sold in liquid and lotion applications (can include up to 10 different essences per bottle, jar, & spray).

Amy Zilka has her Masters in Psychology and Psychotherapy and is a certified Regression Hypnotherapist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki I & II practitioner, Nutritionist, Flower Essence’s, Homeopath and Tuning Forks practitioner. Having also been a former Jr. Olympic Nat’l Champion gymnast, coach and dancer, she is able to integrate and utilize her education, training, experience and her intuitive abilities to assist each “souls healing” of their earth body, mind & spirit to create a “hologram” of balanced healing of wholeness and integration for animals, humans and our planet. If you are interested in more individualized applications, you can contact Amy Zilka at 952-938-9085 or www.hypnoessence.com for additional therapies.

Brands of Flower Essences are: -Australian Bush Flower Essences-Australia ** most common -Bach Flower Essences-England ** most common -FES Quintessentials-North American ** most common -Findhorn Flower Essences –Scottish Highlands -Living Tree Orchard Essences-Orchards -Mastels now (Spirit-n-Nature Essences)- From Fruits & Vegetables -Vita Fons- England

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